Vipassana, a brief history

Vipassana meditation, a brief story Vipassana’ can be translated as ” insight “(intuition) or” superior knowledge “.

In this form insight is a central part – and also the culmination or apex – of the original teaching of the Buddha.
Buddha mainly speaks of the understanding of the three universal characteristics (also called the three signs or three characteristics of existence)
1) ” anicca “= impermanence, changeability, instability;
2) ” dukkha “= unsatisfactory state of things, imperfection, the responsibility for the suffering;
3) ” anatta “= non-self, the absence of an enduring and fixed core in a human being (usually called ‘soul’).
Insight (or vipassana) can be described as “a clear vision of how things really are” – more clearly and deeply than the normal human experience. Continue Reading →